The Pierre de Coubertin Family Association brings together the descendants of Pierre de Coubertin’s family, the visionary who founded the modern Olympic Games. Our association's mission is to perpetuate the philosophical legacy of the man. Pierre de Coubertin believed in the importance of education, sports, and moral excellence. We are committed to promoting these values in today's world.

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"Citius, altius, fortius. Faster, higher, stronger. That is the motto of the International Committee, and the fundamental reason for the existence of any form of Olympism.”
“Olympism is a destroyer of dividing walls. It calls for air and light for all. It advocates a broad-based athletic education accessible to all, trimmed with manly courage and the spirit of chivalry, blended with esthetic and literary demonstrations, and serving as an engine for national life and as a basis for civic life.”
"What is Olympic is universal"



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We are a family association that lives on donations. Your support will allow us keep the heritage and memory of our ancestor alive and spread the spirit of Olympims, sport for all and peace !

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